The company expands its labor market search by marketing its own strategy of recruitment and providing more employment vacancies and opportunities locally. Since the incorporation of the company in 1991, the company has employs local professional staffs to be responsible for business development, and assist in establishing a good and trusting working relations and cooperation with the established Singapore’s and overseas organizations.

From the Services Sector

   Restaurants, coffee shops, food courts and other approved food establishments
   Spas, salons and beauty businesses
   Transport, logistics and storage industries
   Commerce firms(retail and wholesale trade)
   Community, social and personal associations
   Financial, insurance and real estate firms
   Dispatch and delivery companies
   Cleaning and housekeeping companies

From the Manufacturing Sector

   Manufacturing Industries
   Mechanical and engineering workers factories
   Oil and gas field machinery factories
   Electroplating and heat treatment industries
   Wafer Fabrication plants
   Food manufacturing factories

Foreign worker or workers for General work (China workers, India workers, Myanmar workers, Bangladesh worker, Nepal worker, Philippines worker, Malaysia worker, Thailand worker, Sri Lanka worker, Vietnam worker, PRC worker, etc)

Machine operator,Fitter, Welder, Factory worker, Fishery worker, Admin Assistant, Receptionist, kitchen helpers, chef, office cleaner, maintenance technician, hand packer, carpenter, farm worker, veterinary, beautician, hairdresser, manicurist, massage therapist, child care teachers, florist helper, gardener, cashier, sales coordinator, shop sales assistant, , driver cum general worker, warehouse assistant, sales coordinator, cook, waiter, waitress, coffee shop assistant, baker, dish washer, electrician, mechanic, and many more……etc

Our Foreign Labour Sources Countries

People’s Republic of China
Hong Kong
The Phillippines
South Korea

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